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Double blogging

To save me talking about my most recent published work for a second time, here’s a link to my Digit Distribution work on the CHI+MED project’s blog.

Punctuation and number entry

I was recently told a story by JW which made me reconsider by focus on purely digits and the decimal points. I now consider the comma to be an interesting character in the world of number entry. J explained how he was trying to set up a monthly payment online for a particular bill.  He […]

Digit distributions

If you’ve ever wondered what numbers people are typing into those funny machines whilst watching Casualty of a Saturday night, here is a video explaining some of the initial work I’ve done looking into the types of numbers used in hospitals. The results proved interesting with obvious patterns occurring with some of the digits – nought gets used A […]

Fat Finger Trades

I know the title might not sound that appealing but this is quite an interesting and widely documented phenomenon in the world of financial trading. Millions of dollars have been lost and entire markets brought down a few points due to a fat finger trade (FFT). What is a FFT then?  A FFT is an error that occurs […]

The price of electricity is on the rise

Tony Leventhal received a shock in 2007 when his credit card company called to ask him about a rather large payment to the electricity company. It turns out a reasonable £170 bill had turned into one for a massive £17,000. Source BBC News. Full story. How might this have come about? Well we’ll put this one down to human […]