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Social Anxiety and Amazon Mechanical Turk

I just finished listening to Planet Money’s #600 episode titled “The People Inside Your Machine”. Here’s a link to the podcast episode. The show briefly discusses the origin of the MTurk program (something I didn’t know!). Planet Money is an economics podcast and so the hosts are particularly interested in the amount of money that Turkers […]

Ocean’s Eleven-ing the Bank

In a move that will only cause me to get abuse from my colleagues, I’m about to tell you about a super fun little maths problem I’ve been working on this evening. To make it even more likely that I will be called a nerd/geek, this problem was inspired by a photo of a number […]

Gender Discrimination at CHI 2012

CHI this year was incredible. Amazing. It was my first international conference and wow, what an experience it was. I saw so many fantastic and thought provoking presentations, from the brilliant ones on text entry (my one true academic love) to a fascinating presentation on making interactions purposefully uncomfortable. Everything was very thought provoking. And […]